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Alex Interview

Percy Jackson
The rising star talks the film, the fandom and her move to Los Angeles.

CraveOnline: What's the experience with fans? Are you finding yourself recognized on the street?

Alexandra: Not really. I'm living in Los Angeles now and you spend a lot of time in your car. But it happens every now and again and it's great. When we went to some of the events, especially for the press tour, it's wonderful. I love kids. I remember being a kid and going to see Broadway plays and waiting afterwards to get the stars' autograph. Just being so excited by them. It was really remarkable to have all these kids so excited about the movie and excited by what I was doing. I really love that. I get fanmail from fans sometimes and it's wonderful. The particular fanbase for this book and movie is great.

CraveOnline: The characters in the film are a pretty tight-knit group. Tell me about working with Logan and Brandon.

Alexandra: And also Jake Abel who plays Luke was there with us the whole time. I know he has a smaller role, but the four of us really sort of instantly bonded. I think that working out and going through this process really sort of helped. I credit Chris a lot for this and the people in casting. They just cast such great personalities. They're so talented and love film and are such wonderful people. We had great chemistry and I think that's a really unique and awesome to work on a project for five or six months and just enjoy spending time with the people you work with every day. And it's not just the actors. The people involved in the production on every level were just really, really wonderful.

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