Lauren (crazy_singer) wrote in cabinthree,

Percy Jackson Cos-play

I'd meant to post this FOREVER ago! My friends and I went to Comic-Con San Diego back in July and for two days we went as Percy Jackson characters. We were hoping just one person would know who we were supposed to be, and TONS of people did! It was really exciting! (Someone stopped us in a crosswalk to get excited and tell us that PJO is her favorite series!)

Anyway, just thought I'd post a photo :) (Sorry it's kinda dark, my camera battery died right after we took this so we couldn't get a better picture.)

That's me as Annabeth (I decided not to do blonde hair since they're not doing it for the movie), my friend Audrey being Thalia, and my friend Patrick being Grover. (His horns broke...that's why they're not on in the picture.) Sadly we didn't have anyone to be Percy, we had a guy offer though!
Tags: books: extra, books: pics
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